Consummo-Fém Kft. provides services ranging from the relocation, installation and commissioning of simple machines to the deployment of entire production lines. Our company has all the necessary equipment and skilled workforce required to complete these tasks at the highest quality.

Machine movement may range from simple on-site relocation to the complete redeployment of production lines. Consummo-Fém Kft. undertakes to relocate entire production plants. As a consequence, Consummo-Fém Kft. has valuable experience in the deployment of both new and old plants and equipment.

We offer machine deployment, maintenance and control as well as production and installation of custom-made steel structures, platforms, machine support elements and structures. We also undertake to level and position steel structures and production equipment, including laser adjustments as well.

Our services include the comprehensive monitoring of the operation of robotic cells, the deployment and commissioning of machinery, production cells and auxiliary equipment as well as the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of entire conveyor lines.